Friday, July 06, 2007

A Plug for Scientific Blogging

And I mean sepcifically, the site Scientific Blogging, not jut blogging in general.

Scientific Blogging features science news and blogs by working scientists (including yours truly). The bloggers cover every thing from math and physics to psychology, and range from lowly grad students and postdocs, like myself, to real science professors, as well as some science-trained bloggers working outside of academia.

On the whole, the site aims to be politically non-ideological. It's not a conservative site, as some seem to think; it's simply much less political than other major sites, like Seed's Science Blogs. Given the pervasive scientific illiteracy in our society, there is definitely a need for blogs that feature science writing that will be read by people from a range of political loyalties.

Not that I'm knocking Seed; I'm a regular reader of Pharyngula, and I need my daily dose of political red (uh... make that blue) meat to keep sane in our current political climate.

Scientific Blogging is still in public beta mode, but it already has some nice features, like a peer voting system (you vote for articles you like), and a place for anyone interested to set up their own blog. There is a set of hand-picked featured writers, but if you like writing science, and you want to write where someone will actually read it, you can set up your own space at Scientific Blogging. We're hoping to create an active community of people who love reading and writing about science, so go over and check it out.

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