Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Links

I'm trying to find time to write a paper, and thus I've neglected my blog. But here are two interesting links:

Super Tuesday and Science Debate 2008: The US National Academies of Sciences have joined in the call for a US Presidential Election Science Debate. The National Academies have offered to co-sponsor this event. If you haven't heard of this movement yet, go check it out.

One of the pioneers of molecular biology, Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg, passed away this past weekend. Lederberg worked in an era very different from today's big-team biology. His brilliant work making bacterial genetics possible is inspiring to at least one biologist who longs for more science based the ingenuity and creativity of individual researchers, as opposed to the large-scale, brute-force work common in today's biomedical research.

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