Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adaptive Complexity is Moving - Update your links

I'm completely moving this blog over to Scientific Blogging. If you follow this blog via RSS, the new link is:

Adaptive Complexity.

If you read this through the DNA Network, you'll see the new feed shortly.

My Scientifc Blogging column is here.

If you're waiting for the long-delayed next installment on the science in Pynchon's Against the Day, it will go up there (soon, I hope).

Why am I moving? Scientific Blogging is a great and growing community of science bloggers, as opposed to an isolated blog on blogger.

On top of that, I get to write about science for a broader audience. The NSF's Science and Engineering Indicators consistently show that people's acceptance of well-established, mainstream scientific findings - that humans are the product of evolution, that the continents move, that the universe began with the Big Bang - all correlate strongly with education. This is a major reason why scientists should be reaching out to the broader public to get people informed and excited about science.

So come on over and visit my new blogging home, and check out some of the other great writers there. And if you're so inclined, come on over and start your own science blog.

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