Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Judge rules against ID in Dover

In the Nation's first case over teaching intelligent design (ID) in public schools, a federal judge ruled that ID is not science.

The NY Times article is here.

The decision in PDF format is here, from the ACLU of PA.

The National Center for Science Education site on the case is here.

It's a 139 page decision - most observers expected the judge to rule in favor of the plaintiffs like he did; the only question now is how narrow or broad the ruling is, which will tell us what implications this has for the larger ID movement. A broad decision may finally force the movement to lay off its school curriculum efforts (yeah right, who am I kidding?), and for once start focusing on the science behind ID, which was supposed to come years ago, and which we're still waiting for.

Update: for some in-depth discussion, as well as links to the response by the pro-ID Discovery Institute, take a look at Panda's Thumb.

Another update: nice background on the trial in the eSkeptic newsletter.

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