Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ann Coulter takes on 'Darwiniacs' and women biologists

Ann Coulter's latest book devotes a lot of pages trying to knock evolution as some kind of cult, in which biologists (who are not scientists because too many women came in and ruined the field) try to make up the godless creation myth of the evil Liberals.

An essay by James Downard on Talk Reason is giving Coulter a nice thrashing. The essay so far consists of two parts (part one, part two), and if you're interested at all in the sleazy intersection between creationism and right-wing punditry, you should check it out.

There is one passage that really sums it up for me:

"The problem for all these antievolutionary critics... is the same one Coulter suffers from via the osmosis of her secondary reading. Not one of them has the slightest comprehension of or interest in the facts of natural history. They have no working idea in their own minds of what diversity exists in the real world, or how much variety is to be found in the fossil record. Add to that the complete conceptual failure to work out from their own nonevolutionary perspective exactly what they think was going on in the past -- or what should have been taking place were the dreaded evolution theory really calling the shots."

Creationists parrot arguments on a subject that haven't even tried to grasp, and they never think through their claims thoroughly enough to explain how the known facts actually fit with their creationist theories. Creationists will say that there are no transitional fossils, but hardly any of them could describe just what a transitional fossil is supposed to look like or explain why these fossils aren't transitional fossils between whales and their land-lubbing ancestors.

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