Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Douglas Hofstadter is a Strange Loop

If you liked Godel, Escher, Bach, you'll be happy to see that Douglas Hofstadter has a new book out - I Am a Strange Loop. This new book, according to Hofstadter, gets to back to the heart of the subject that Hofstadter dealt with in GEB, much more so than his other books. I never read any of his other books after GEB - I loved GEB, but somehow the other books just didn't catch my interest.

I Am a Strange Loop, however, looks very compelling. It's Hofstadter's take on how consciousness arises - a problem that I see as closely related to systems biology. The big common question is: how does a coherent system (and consciousness is the coherent system par excellence) arise from the complex interactions of it's usually non-hierarchical parts?

Hofstadter is also one of the most literary authors of science books, and it looks like he's true to form in this latest one.

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